What Foods Make Your Breasts Bigger And Better?

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What Foods Make Your Breasts BiggerHaving a large bust line is a dream for many women nowadays. People have once thought that bigger breasts can only be achieved by plastic surgery and having breast implants. The fact is, having bigger breasts is just within our grasps and is very much achievable. All you need is to achieve the hormonal levels needed for breast growth and a bit of discipline on your part as well. Your food choice is one large factor in determining the fate of your breasts.

You may ask yourself, what foods make your breasts bigger? Before we discuss further on what foods make your breasts bigger, let us first learn what estrogen is and what it does to our bodies. Estrogen is a hormone found in every woman’s body and is the culprit to the growth and development of secondary sex changes during puberty. Such changes include widening of the hips, development of sebaceous glands, growth of pubic hair, beginning of the menstrual cycle and enlargement of the breasts. It’s probably safe to say that estrogen plays a vital role to achieving your breast size. Now why do I say that? You can think of estrogen as the “boss” when it comes to determining your final breast size. Genetics has a lot to do with the amount of estrogen a woman has. So anyways, estrogen commands the body to undergo growth changes in breast size at a specific rate, and is also responsible for telling the body when to stop such growth. Unluckily for some women, this estrogen has been premature in its stop signal, resulting to small breasts.

What Foods Make Your Breasts Bigger In Scientific Terms?

But don’t fret just yet as there is still something you can do about this premature cease-fire. After having achieved the final breast size after puberty, you can still command you brain to increase the hormonal levels in your body, just enough to allow your breasts to grow a little bit bigger. By simply taking in foods that help to enhance breast growth by introducing estrogen to the body, you can be sure to get the breasts you have been dreaming of.

While on the subject on what foods make your breasts bigger, let us tackle on the specific compounds that help in making breasts grow to a considerable degree. These compounds are called phytoestrogens. They are the specific substances found in foods that closely resemble the action of natural estrogen in our bodies.

So the question now is this, what foods make your breasts bigger? Phytoestrogens can be naturally found in many food stuffs. However, they are greatly found in abundance in soy products such as soy milk, soy cheese, milk products, and other dairy-containing foods.

So What Foods Make Your Breasts Bigger Honestly?

When it comes to what foods make your breasts bigger, you should always think protein. Eating organic foods rich in protein is best. You can never go wrong with meat, eggs, and of course, milk when choosing what foods make your breasts bigger. Now that definitely makes for a perfect protein-rich breast enhancement food recipe, doesn’t it?
As you seek on what foods make your breasts bigger, it is also equally important to note that these food stuffs must be taken in moderation. Certain amounts that exceed the needed hormone levels can be detrimental and can even hinder the growth of your breasts instead of trying to improve their growth. While it may be true that such foods listed under what foods make your breasts bigger contain substances we need for making our breasts grow, too much of intake of these can cause the estrogen receptors in the breasts to stop working. After all, too much of everything is never a good thing.

We all know fruits are good for our health. But did you know it can also be included under what foods make your breasts bigger? Fruits also contain a large amount of phytoestrogens which stimulates breast growth. In addition, they are also rich in nutrients which have been linked to its breast enhancing effects.

Another ingredient to add in your grocery list on what foods make your breasts bigger would be fiber-rich foods. Fiber, as we all know, sweeps off unneeded excess hormones in our body. It then serves to regulate the amount of estrogen in our body and prevents us from reaching a dangerous level of hormones.

Other foods containing rich phytoestrogen content include common household crops like carrots, celery, and ginseng. Most commonly found in many Eastern herbal medicines, they also serve to contribute to one’s overall health and well-being.

Lettuce is also a good addition to your list of what foods make your breasts bigger. It has been known to enhance blood flow to the region around the breasts thus helping to promote breast growth.

Other less popular choices on what foods make your breasts bigger are the papaya fruit, peanuts, and black sesame seeds. Because they are rich in Vitamin E, these foods help to improve the development of breast tissues as well as the breast ducts. Hence, enhanced breast growth.

To know more on what foods make your breasts bigger and how you can prepare these healthy foods into delicious recipes, you can do research on the internet as it provides a wide selection of healthy breast enhancement recipes.
Knowing what foods make your breasts bigger not only helps you achieve a larger bust, but it also gives you a head start to having a healthy lifestyle. You can now stop hating yourself for having small breasts and do something about them as the solution might just be in your kitchen.

What Foods Make Your Breasts Bigger

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